About Shan Boggs

About Shan Boggs

When Shan Boggs was 15, she moved to North Africa and was introduced to wonderful food combinations. Algiers had a wonderful mix of Arab and French cuisine. One of the local neighborhood restaurants served what were called “hors d’oeuvres varie” (varied appetizers) that were so delicious you could order an assortment and make a sumptuous meal without ordering a main course.

Depending on what fresh fish had been caught that day, along with fruit and vegetables in season, a number of luscious appetizers were prepared and would be wheeled around on a cart by a waiter.  It was customary to have an assortment of perhaps two or three of these small dishes to make an unforgettable meal.  There was so much variety to choose from that you could go for many meals without eating the same appetizers twice.

Extraordinary sauces accompanied each small dish. Sweet ripe tomato slices would be drizzled with French vinaigrette and garnished with parsley, while fresh squid was sautéed in savory olive oil and butter with shallots and garlic.  Fresh fillet of sole morsels would be swimming in lemon butter, as would fresh steamed artichoke hearts.

A few years later, Shan would have the good fortune to work for a French woman in Mallorca, Spain, who was a gourmet cook.  Suzanne Tripier had also lived in Algiers, so she had both wonderful French recipes she made along with Arabic dishes as couscous.  Suzy entertained a great deal and Shan would assist her in the buying and preparation of food for multiple course meals.

In Mallorca shopping required going to many different stores to purchase food.  The island had a large central market where the freshest meat, fish, vegetables and fruit would be purchased.  Then the next stop would be a bakery for crusty baguettes, croissants and thick Spanish bread.  Wine would be purchased from a wine store with giant kegs. Bottles from home would be cleaned and refilled every few weeks.

Suzy emphasized the importance of the best quality ingredients.  Fresh.  Ripe. Nutritious. These qualities are the hallmark of the Mediterranean cuisine and make it one of the tastiest and healthful in the world.

During the writing process for a Mediterranean cookbook, Shan found she was equally drawn to experiment and write down many recipes inspired by the Pacific area where she now lives (Los Angeles) with its interesting mix of cultures. Soon, she had a second book. The third book for Diet gourmet was the final logical step, inspired by a comment made by her dear friend, Karen, after a cooking marathon to choose the best of the recipes for each cookbook.

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